Shit no one tells you

I haven’t read any books lately as there is not much time for that luxury. Well, if you don’t count those squeezy children’s books about snails and bananas. If I do read something it means mostly going online and googling things like “why cant I lick my elbow”, “is it dangerous to wash makeup off with acetone instead of makeup remover. Asking for a friend.” 

I do have some books that I find interesting and wish I had time to read. The first one: How not to hate your husband after kids. Found this in a book store the other day and it appealed to me considering how many times I thought that exact sentence in my head. I might have expressed it too and that’s why my husband don’t mind to do the night feedings anymore. Win/win. I’m happy and well rested = he gets to live. 

Next book: The shit no one tells you. I actually read this book when I was pregnant and I had time on my hands. This is when I learned that my life would officially be over once the baby had been squeezed out. I also learnt that I would talk about poop more than anything and never sleep again. That was a nice and positive book that made me cross my legs. (Yeah I know, too late right… )

Calm the fuck down – parenting technique. I would love to read this oneI’m pretty calm as a parent but I might keep a few extra copies in my bag to hand out occasionally. I’m sure I would make many new friends on the playgrounds.

12 Replies to “Shit no one tells you”

  1. OMG I wish these books had been out when I was having kids 30 years ago. I would have loved them. The best I got was “What to Expect when you’re expecting.” And btw I hope there are now some books that deal with older teens and adult children; the things you never expected…….

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    1. Yes these books are awesome. Puts it down for you as it is in a funny way. The “What to expect…” is still a very popular book.
      Absolutely agree, we should have books for older “kids” well and perhaps even some to try to figure adults out….or maybe that’s why the “self help” shelves are so full 😉

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  2. “is it dangerous to wash makeup off with acetone instead of makeup remover. Asking for a friend.” I was eating watermelon and spit a big chunk of it onto my screen reading that. I don’t have kids but I want to read all of these!!

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  3. I usually don’t tell people this but I am actually scared of having kids… well, not that scared but I know it takes a lot of work and selflessness. I just don’t know that I will ever be ready to take care of another person and be responsible for their entire future you know… oh well! –

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    1. I used to feel the same. But its super hard and super fun ! I’m sure you’ll be a great mother one day if you decide that’s what you want.


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