I give you money

My name starts with an A and I can buy:

 1. Anything

2. Anaconda (don’t want it)

3. Alefant (always wanted one with an E but this one will do)

4. Arkansas (I don’t know anything about this state. All you Americans reading my blog, is this a good deal? Maybe Alaska is better?)

5. Alphabet (I’ll just buy all the other letters and BOOM the world is mine. Gosh I would be a great dictator)

Why isn’t dictator spelled DICKtator? Are there any female ones? Or any that are not dicks?

So what would you buy with the first letter of your name? 

10 Replies to “I give you money”

  1. I would buy
    • Villa – somewhere sunny all year round, but not too hot.
    • Vanity Room – I’d set aside a room for all my clothes, accessories, footwear and makeup and set it out so that I can easily see and access everything.
    • Van – Of the VW Camper variety so that I could hit the road in search of adventure.
    • Venice – I wouldn’t want to buy it but I wouldn’t mind visiting it
    • Varnish – of the nail variety. A girl can never have too many nail varnishes!
    • Vodka
    • Vacation – Lots Of holidays in lots of different countries

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