Trick or trick

I didn’t really celebrate Halloween when I was a kid. We knew what it was but didn’t go trick or treat and we didn’t decorate. Fast forward about 100 years (that’s how old I feel) and I’m knocking my head in to freakin spider webs everywhere and falling over pumpkins all over the neighborhood. 

I realize with great horror that today is the big trick or treat night and with a baby in the house I have one thing on my to do list today: Figure out how to disconnect the door bell. If someone rings on the door just when I put her to sleep, the kids will see a real monster. Trick all the way, little kids! Bring it on. Hope you don’t mind to be chased down the street by a naked mum. Now that will teach them scary. 

7 Replies to “Trick or trick”

    1. I wish there was just Halloween…that’s it. No trick or treat. Maybe I’ll think differently once the baby is older and I can dress her up… and annoy the neighbors. I’ll call it pay back time!


  1. Australia has started getting on board this thing in some ways……commercialism and all that! But usually if you have out decorations it means ring my doorbell. I suggest a sign on your doorbell stating something of a death threat. Mention sleeping baby. See how you go? Cheers,H


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