Anti-bucket list

All I read about is what people want to do i their life, their goals and dreams. That’s great. Positive and fun. But what I really want to know is what you DONT want to do (again). 

I don’t really regret things. It’s what we do in life that takes us forward. Or backwards. For good or bad. Below is my anti-bucket list. This is what I won’t do again:

  • Tequila race 
  • Eat a big kebab before going on a spinning roller coaster
  • Rescue two cats with diarrhea 
  • Lick an electric fence (yeah, I KNOW! But it was a bet. I won)
  • Ride a motorcycle in shorts
  • Yawn while being on that damn motorcycle (and with a burnt leg). Damn those flies. 

Tell me yours! 

28 Replies to “Anti-bucket list”

    1. Hey and thanks for reading! Early twenties goes in to your anti – bucket and good thing we don’t have to go back in time 😉


  1. flying in a small ( small!) airplane over the Bungle Bungles in Australia and throwing up every few minutes and my two year old daughter yelling out “Mum’s thwowing up again!” I have not been in a small plane again and my daughter is now 29!!

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    1. Haha… I feel so sorry for you but at the same time hilarious. Small planes are scary! Both my dad and brother are hobby pilots and fly small Cessnas and have forced me several times to fly with them. Ugh…

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  2. Trying again. 😀 If I should write down a list here, so do it take all space on your server! 😀 That you wrote about licking on a electric fence have I not done, but when I was a child a buddy to me pee on one! Hahaha 😀 He never do it again.

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  3. While zip-lining in Jamaica the adventure was broken up by a vertical drop. Although I barely enjoyed the zip-lining (two zips with the drop in the middle), I DID NOT ENJOY the vertical drop. Honestly… it is a wonder I’m not still on that platform in the Jamaican rain forest…


      1. Well they say it’s not where you go but who you go with. Luckily I went with some good pals so had a good time despite nothing much to do there & the hostility hospitality.


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