Hejhej goes guest blogging

So this cool guy Mohamad Karbi asked me to write a little bit about Sweden on his blog. Home sweet home that I miss dearly (no, Dubai isn’t too shabby).

What I wrote? Don’t be lazy, click on the link. I kind of explained how Sweden represents peace, stability and rotten fish. Oh and snow. And I didn’t swear once.

I’m pretty much a diplomat now.

Read it here: Hej Hej Sverige

9 Replies to “Hejhej goes guest blogging”

    1. “She’s got the look” was the first song I learnt. I sang to it before knowing a word of English. “Look” sounds like “lock” in Swedish which means lid. So I always assumed that they were singing about lids. Logical..
      Thanks for reading!

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    1. Yes, surströmming! Not for the weak hearted. Stockfish…is that lutfisk you mean? I didn’t know the English word.
      Thank you for reading about our cool country.

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      1. Yes, stockfish is lutfisk. 🙂 One of my buddies bought sour herring one time for a summer party, it smelled so bad so they didn´t even taste it. They let it be on the table outside over the night, not even the crow wanted them! 😂😂😂😂


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