Strength you can trust..

Can we discuss these “man sized” tissues that I found today in the store.

I would love to have been in the meeting when Kleenex decided that there was a gap in the tissue market for men.

I have so many questions…

Is it for a giant … man cold? Hands?

Merry Christmas from your Dalmatian

Well hello, my little readers. Are you all set for Christmas or are you stressing around just wishing it was over? I’m definitely ready. I been ready all year. I love Christmas.

This year we are celebrating Christmas in Dubai. Love how this country is a total mess of all religions and celebrations. One day we celebrate Diwali and the other one Ramadan. Now it’s Christmas turn.

Last week we had a neighborhood gathering where we collected money to make sure everyone in the community will get a Christmas dinner. I ended up chatting with two ladies from the Philippines and they asked why pale people are full of brown spots. I said because our grandparents were Dalmatians. Obviously.

Then one lady nicely said that she wish she was fat like me. This already happened to me a few times so I’m not as shocked anymore by this comment. First of all I’m not really overweight so I don’t really care. Secondly they always have an explanation which is not what you would expect so it make the whole situation hilarious. This lady continued with “I wish I was fat like you because when grab your skin I get a chunk of it in my hand. I don’t get that because I don’t have fat”.

All countries to their own I guess… When I went to Uganda I found out that everyone called me “long nose”. I think that’s pretty common to be called as a westerner or maybe I just have to accept the fact that I have a long nose, am fat and have dots like a dog.

Well at least it’s good we don’t all look the same in the world… I’m telling myself while I dress my dog as Santa’s little helper and trying to get her to look like a dog that is cold. She wouldn’t look more miserable even if I tried..

Sankta Lucia

Yesterday was Lucia dagen in Sweden which is an awesome tradition where you walk around in your night gown (as it looks), in the early hours of the morning and scaring people with your un-tuned morning voice.

Click this link to watch a short and fun movie about how we celebrate:

Swedish Lucia for dummies


Just a Thursday

Today we went for a school trip, as I like to call it. At work they call it “building a professional business case by shadowing a well known and complex operation”… but who can say that anyway. Therefore school trip it is.

I sat next to one of our awesome ladies from the Philippines who told me that hours after she was born, a gecko fell down from the roof and landed on her forehead. Her mum that’s was holding her in her arms was petrified and just starred at it for about a minute before it decided to move. My colleague explained to me that she was convinced this meant good luck and that she is the lucky charm in the family due to this. I explained that if it happened in Sweden the hospital would be in lock down.

On a totally different note… This is a picture of a mince pie. Well half of it as the other part is in my belly. It was a rather interesting discovery today to notice that mince pie is not with meat but dried fruit. I wish someone would have warned me. My mouth wasn’t ready for that kind of shock.

Sleeping beauty

People in the Middle East seem to be fond of sleeping a little bit everywhere. And don’t give me wrong, I’m all pro napping. If I could take a power nap daily I would. Just go and hide somewhere and snooze. When I was pregnant I had some days during work that was tough. I couldn’t keep my eyes open so during lunch hour I took my four wheel drive, drove out to the desert (my work was not far from it) and had a 15 minutes sleep in my car. Afterwards I came back with a nice red mark on my face from the seat belt and drewl on my blouse. I’m a sexy sleeper.

The difference between me and the random sleepers that I bump in to every now and then is that they don’t hide. They just suddenly decided to sleep. So they just lay down. Like this guy, that I almost ran over. He woke up when I started taking stuff out of the trunk of my car. I was trying to be quiet but he was kind of…right in the way. I apologized for waking him from his beauty sleep and he said “No worries, mam” and fell back asleep. How nice is that? Even polite when he sleeps. If my husband wakes me by accident I swear loudly, throw pillows and plan to slash his tires once I’m up. But that’s just me being slightly emotional waking up.