Sleeping beauty

People in the Middle East seem to be fond of sleeping a little bit everywhere. And don’t give me wrong, I’m all pro napping. If I could take a power nap daily I would. Just go and hide somewhere and snooze. When I was pregnant I had some days during work that was tough. I couldn’t keep my eyes open so during lunch hour I took my four wheel drive, drove out to the desert (my work was not far from it) and had a 15 minutes sleep in my car. Afterwards I came back with a nice red mark on my face from the seat belt and drewl on my blouse. I’m a sexy sleeper.

The difference between me and the random sleepers that I bump in to every now and then is that they don’t hide. They just suddenly decided to sleep. So they just lay down. Like this guy, that I almost ran over. He woke up when I started taking stuff out of the trunk of my car. I was trying to be quiet but he was kind of…right in the way. I apologized for waking him from his beauty sleep and he said “No worries, mam” and fell back asleep. How nice is that? Even polite when he sleeps. If my husband wakes me by accident I swear loudly, throw pillows and plan to slash his tires once I’m up. But that’s just me being slightly emotional waking up.

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