Merry Christmas from your Dalmatian

Well hello, my little readers. Are you all set for Christmas or are you stressing around just wishing it was over? I’m definitely ready. I been ready all year. I love Christmas.

This year we are celebrating Christmas in Dubai. Love how this country is a total mess of all religions and celebrations. One day we celebrate Diwali and the other one Ramadan. Now it’s Christmas turn.

Last week we had a neighborhood gathering where we collected money to make sure everyone in the community will get a Christmas dinner. I ended up chatting with two ladies from the Philippines and they asked why pale people are full of brown spots. I said because our grandparents were Dalmatians. Obviously.

Then one lady nicely said that she wish she was fat like me. This already happened to me a few times so I’m not as shocked anymore by this comment. First of all I’m not really overweight so I don’t really care. Secondly they always have an explanation which is not what you would expect so it make the whole situation hilarious. This lady continued with “I wish I was fat like you because when grab your skin I get a chunk of it in my hand. I don’t get that because I don’t have fat”.

All countries to their own I guess… When I went to Uganda I found out that everyone called me “long nose”. I think that’s pretty common to be called as a westerner or maybe I just have to accept the fact that I have a long nose, am fat and have dots like a dog.

Well at least it’s good we don’t all look the same in the world… I’m telling myself while I dress my dog as Santa’s little helper and trying to get her to look like a dog that is cold. She wouldn’t look more miserable even if I tried..

16 Replies to “Merry Christmas from your Dalmatian”

  1. Culture is a funny thing. I grew up getting my cheekys pinched by my Nona. I would turn to move away and have to cover my butt-cheeks too! Some years ago, I struggled to step up onto a tram(was awaiting surgery for a disc-bulge) and a Nona(not related) helped by putting her hand on my upper leg just cupping my butt. To help lift my leg up. She got a Caio Bella for her efforts. Cheers,H

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  2. Merry Christmas! This is hilarious. When I visited Jakarta I was asked so many time if I was pregnant and I was so skinny then, but I was wearing a empire line dresses, Its funny how stating the truth in some cultures isn’t considered rude, even if insensitive. My inlaws are Serbian so I’ve had to get use to it lol


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