Naughty penguin of the month

I sent the below picture to my boss as an example of what I would like to have in the office to encourage good manners and point out bad behavior. I haven’t received any reply back yet. I’m aiming for the good penguin award of the month and I’m really excited about my award. It’s probably a raw fish. I’m Scandinavian (meaning viking, meaning sailor) so obviously that would be the highlight of the year. Fish is life.

You are in trouble, Timmy…

18 Replies to “Naughty penguin of the month”

  1. Hilarious. Do they post that for the penguins to see? Is that meant to shame or encourage them? Do they read English now? Not sure the point of the whole thing unless it’s a warning to the penguin keepers. Gotta keep those penguins in line somehow, I suppose.

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