A cold break

We have been to the North Pole the last week. Or maybe it was just Sweden but due to our lack of socks and winter clothes in general, it felt like we had been taken to the deepest part of Siberia. I also noticed that it’s when you put jeans on that you realize how fat you actually are. Can I still blame pregnancy kilos a year after the child was born?

It’s always great to go home when you are living abroad. You get to meet everyone that you miss so dearly and after a few days you also remember why you don’t live there anymore (just joking, mum). But when you come from a part of the world that is as dark as under a shoe during the winter and you can’t feel your thoughts after ten minutes of being outside, it’s not so strange that you decide to reside slightly more south. I still think snow is cozy. Too look at. In pictures. On my phone from a beach in Dubai.

This picture sums up my week. Not only did it take an hour to get dressed to go outside but once coming inside again, I couldn’t get out of my jacket either. Luckily I had mama friends that are used to zippers being stuck and saving three year olds from these scenarios. I would say mums are just as handy to have with you anywhere you go as doctors are. Clearly God was shining his light on me as well. Something like “Go towards the light” came in to mind but I resisted the urge. I have so much to live for. It was just a jacket, God! Yes, I did feel like I was going to suffocate but I thought “today is not the day”.

And then we had sushi and drank wine.

16 Replies to “A cold break”

  1. Jeans? You can still wear them? Jealous. Had to quit, so hard doing them up one-handed. And I don’t have the baby fat to blame. Wait til she starts running around. You will wear it all off. Cheers,H

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    1. I barely wear them..only during emergencies as when I don’t have anything else.. I can’t even imagine how they are to put on with one hand. They are a night mare to pull on with two hands!

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      1. It was more of a week that should have been like that but no…I thought it was awesome so needed to be outside all the time and now I’m sick. Damn Eskimo cold. I knew I shouldn’t have licked that polar bear in the face..

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  2. Visst är det härligt att komma tillbaka till Sverige ibland. Och vinter är det där också, riktig vinter!
    Är det du till höger på bilden? Skrämmande, det ser precis ut som det var jag! Tittade på fotot och där var jag i en jacka jag inte känner igen och med en människa jag inte känner i en obekant miljö!

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