Kitchen un-aided

Has anyone discovered the art of making stuff in a Kitchen Aid? I bought this nice machine to help me make awesome food. Well, maybe it was more of “Oh, that’s a cool thing. Oh, it’s super heavy as well. Perfect. And I have no room for it. Let’s buy it!”

So the other day I realized I have owned it for over a week without any use for it so I decided that I would make an omelet. Something that would be so much easier to just do with a bowl and a fork. But hey, why do that when you have a huge and heavy machine thing for these kind of things and let’s do more dishes than necessary.

I put in eggs and cream and then thought let’s go wild with some veggies. In with some tomatoes and maybe this was when I realized that a kitchen aid comes with a little plastic lid for a reason. The cherry tomato I dropped in to my mix flew out as fast as I could say “cheese” and splash landed next to my dog that was laying on the floor. My dog lifted her head and looked surprised and the small, red thing next to her and then at me. I said sorry and explained that I didn’t read the instructions yet. That’s something I always do after I use any kind of technology to ensure adventure in life.

Yesterday I made pizza. I’m going to spare you the details as this is blog is not going to be a cook book any time soon but I can tell you that the slippery little sucker (the dough) tried to escape. It also turned it to strange shapes and I had to R rate my kitchen from my child.

No dogs were harmed in making of the pizza.

33 Replies to “Kitchen un-aided”

      1. It will be in the same post as when I’ll make a tutorial about “eating soup with chopsticks and other exciting adventures of Miss A and her lack of hobbies”

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  1. LOL at the tomato! I had a pancake shoot through a pancake Maker’s crack, across the room, and slide down the wall near my then 6 year old daughter! Memories and kitchen gadgets 😉


  2. I don’t have a kitchen aid but can relate to your experience on other kitchen appliances. Good luck and sounds like you are going to have so much fun with it!


  3. Haha, Have you had to scrape pancakes off your ceiling yet? More than once we have invested in all singing all dancing kitchen gadgets, then not used them much. I still have a trusty old hand whisk which is used more than anything.


    1. I would just leave the pancakes and wait for a day when we will all be surprised to get something in our head. Raining pancakes! Dinner is saved 🙂


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