A little roll

When you live in a very sunny country and you just want your child to wear the damn sunglasses. Obviously she is taking them off all the time to throw them somewhere or to eat them. Solution? A baby spring roll!

No hands were hurt in the making of this picture.

Yes, its slightly cold in the mornings. Around 20 degrees C (68 ish Fahrenheit). And yes, we can’t survive low temperatures anymore. The desert has weakened us.

32 Replies to “A little roll”

  1. Prova sätta på dem samtidigt som du distraherar henne med något annat så hon inte märker det, funkade på Teddy…i typ 10 min 😐😂


    1. Thanks, that’s just by luck actually! And yeah so far it stays on but she has started to take off her t-shirt, when she is wearing one , just randomly…


  2. Hahahaha! I’m already thinking I’m going to have this issue too. I put baby N in a super cute hat the other day and he just kept taking it off…


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