Try to eat it

English is not my mother tongue and even though I have lived abroad for several years the Swedish accent comes out of hiding every now and then. Usually like a little kinder surprise.

When I came back to Dubai after my vacation in Sweden last month, I had bought the cutes moose keychain souvenirs. It was a warning sign of a moose running over the street. We have them everywhere on the roads in Sweden. I bought one each for my colleagues in the department as they think it’s exotic. Or so I thought.

One of my colleagues that had been in a meeting the morning when I came back, suddenly came skipping towards me saying “I’m so excited about the moose you got us. Makes the start of the week so much better.” Ok, that’s great, I thought. Some people are just very happy to get souvenirs. I took the little moose out of the bag and gave it to him and just looked at me like a questionmark. “What is that”? He asked. “It’s the freakin moose you were so excited about” I said.

He looked at me sad and said “I thought you meant chocolate mousse!”

Ungrateful little shit…

38 Replies to “Try to eat it”

  1. Tog du inte med en vägskylt också?😁 De är populära föremål, men tror att det inte går att plocka väck dem från stolparna längre. Tyskarna var galna i dem, så skyltfirmorna fick jobba för högtryck för att göra nya.😁😁😁

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      1. I probably shouldn’t tell you this then, but a box of dairy and soy free chocolate showed up on my doorstep today. I can’t have dairy or soy b/c my baby is allergic. I have no idea who sent it, though! Driving me nuts. Some very kind, generous soul. Feeling overwhelmed with the love. You need someone like this in your life. All women do. 🙂

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  2. Hi, Miss A! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on using breath control the quell errant emotions. I enjoyed your moose/mousse anecdote. Interesting that a non-native English speaker would write that. I think the moose keychains sound like a lot of fun.

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