Welcome to the party

My colleagues sister is expecting her first child in the end of June and the other day she told me that her sister is currently looking for a diaper bag, stroller and a good caterer to bring food to the hospital.Wait.. what? I was sure I heard wrong.

She said, no, you heard right. Here in the United Arab Emirates, we order food to the hospital as part of our birth plan. Holy f***! I told her, in Sweden you are not even allowed to enter the ward as we protect our little babies against any kind of infections and here you guys throw a party?

She explained that before the child arrives they choose the hospital to give birth at and make sure that they upgrade to the biggest room (I know… upgrade! Its Dubai folks! Of course its possible!) to ensure as many people as possible can fit. After all you want everyone to visit you at the hospital and that way you know you don’t have to entertain them when you get home.

After choosing a good hospital, room and which kind of food they want people to nibble on while you lay there with a sore everything and wish they would go away, you have to choose decoration – balloons, flowers and give aways. Obviously people don’t want to leave without a goody bag right?

After all you don’t want there to be too much space to hang out. This way you can make sure that people wont stay long as there is not much room.

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    1. That old fashioned way is still equally good if not superior to the current methods. My grandma has been with many pregnant women in her life time and they didn’t need a doctor.


      1. Lol can tell you haven’t given birth before. Wouldn’t say the old fashion way is better considering 7-800 women dies every day in child birth all over the world due to not having access to medical help. Choosing it is one thing. Not having the option, can be deadly.

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      2. Yes you r right but according to my grand ma the modern facilities do the surgery even when there is no risk. Even I want to believe her but I cant! I prefer going to the doctor. Dont know what is wrong and what is not.

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  1. Hur länge får de vara kvar på sjukhuset efter födseln? Här i Sverige får de ju nästan åka hem samma dag de föder, nuförtiden. Party för barnet kan väl ändå vänta tills man är hemma.😊


    1. Well at least it’s healthy…I think… I have birth in Dubai but I chose the quiet way. This procedure is common with local ladies.
      How are you and baby doing?


  2. Balloons, flowers, and giveaways?! Please tell me you’re joking. This is her first child, so she must be clueless as to what it will be like. Who the hell wants to throw a party after that?!


    1. Ja kan man undra. Tror inte det blivit något ja på den frågan. Speciellt inte heller förfrågan om ”uppgradering till större rum” för att få plats med allt och alla…


  3. Oh my!! I never gave birth, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be in a partying mood right after doing so… But I like the idea! It is so interesting to see the difference in cultures!!

    While reading through this, my mind wandered a bit (as it always does – nothing special here :P) and I thought maybe they could have the main guests attend in the delivery room, ready with party flutes and confetti, and have them make a countdown when the head starts showing… LOL

    Sorry, I can’t help thinking “silly”…. Thank you for sharing this 🙂


    1. What a great idea! I like your thinking. A little orchestra to welcome the new baby. The mum will be so thrilled… Please remember this comment if you decide to have kids 😉

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      1. I will, but that’s VERY unlikely to happen. I promise to have everyone in the room wear a pointy hat and blow in a flute if it ever happens 😛


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