The poop diaries and a weekend stroll

* Public service announcement for sensitive people. This post contains poop. If you are eating, please continue to read *

Ignore that. It was me being mean. The poop part is true though. I therefore put in a nice picture of flower. To start of positive. You can stop reading now and enjoy your day. If you are feeling brave. Please continue.

One of the exciting new things that you get to experience as a new parent is the presence of poop. Discussions of poop. And smelling of poop. Before I had children I would wonder about the obsession from parents about this subject and the extremely annoying smelling of the babies butt.

Without giving away too many details, this is now my reality. Yesterday during a barbecue my husband smelled my daughters butt about five times during two minutes. Just to make sure. Was there something? Maybe. Maybe not? But I’m sure I smelled something. Or was it just a fart? It was like a freakin wine tasting with a twist.

To add to my life of poop, I adopted a rescue dog from the streets of Dubai. Well, I found her under a car, shaking like a little leaf, is more like the truth. After a few days she decided to come out. I saw she had a heart shape pattern on her forehead and decided she was mine. That’s adoption. I think.

This morning when I was walking with my baby in the stroller. Who just had a change of pajama as she needed to poop all over herself just before we left the house for the walk. My dog suddenly decided to squat down doggie style right outside a huge mansion with a design of absolutely – nothing – except – gold – is – good – as a drive way theme. Yeah, it’s a Dubai thing. Believe me, you can find anything here. A house a few streets down has a water slide from the first floor down to the pool. Now that’s a quick wake up for you folks (I decided it’s a bedroom next to the start of the slide).

My dear dog decided to do an impressive pile of yellow diarrhea right on the drive way, just at the same time as I noticed I didn’t have any poop bags with me. I had to take a small ziplock bag which I had a sandwich in, remove the content and stick my hand in. The bag was too small for my hand. The poop was not solid enough to stay in the bag. Everything was becoming a mess and I was trying my best to turn the bag inside out, it all ended up on my hand. I made a noice. I think it’s the same noice people do before they die. And left my child and dog standing looking at me, I ran for the closest garbage bin and got rid of the bag. I saw a trail of poop had followed me the whole way. If I would faint someone would be able to follow the trace to a beaten human being. Beaten by poop.

We left the crime scene even messier than I found it. There was nothing I could do. I noticed the smell was still there and I looked down and saw that the handle of the dogs leash was still covered in poo from my hand and it was now all over the stroller as well. I took out all 500 wipes and started cleaning. After a package of wipes I was defeated. The smell had to stay. We walked home.

And the time was 650 am. Another great day has started.

The guilty one. Don’t believe her innocent eyes. She can poop like a whole zoo.

44 Replies to “The poop diaries and a weekend stroll”

  1. Haha … förlåt att jag skrattar, men vilken syn att se dig försöka få upp skiten där i Dubai 🙂
    Har du hunden med dig till Kanada?

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    1. Kul att jag roar någon 😉 Jag var helt söker på att någon såg mig och hade det hur kul som helst.
      Hem är Sverige. Kanada var bara en intervju med en annan bloggare. Hoppas få resa dit någongång. När vi flyttar hem till Sverige kommer hunden definitivt med .

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      1. Ja, inne på fjärde året nu. Tidigare bodde jag tre år i Qatar. Så varit iväg från Sverige ett tag . Längtar nu till semester hemma över Midsommar.

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  2. lol often rescue dogs have better parcels to deliver due to lack of good diet early in life … shame there wasn’t a tap nearby sounds like you will struggle to get rid of the odour 🙂

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    1. Det var snällt av hunden. Min hund kör fältet, springa springa över perfekta gräsställen där alla andra hundar gör sin business, sen går vi cirka en halvtimme till och när vi nästan är hemma, DÅ sätter hon sig.

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  3. 😂🤣🙋🏻‍♀️
    Doggie diarrhea is worse than the baby poop in my book! And running out of the poop bags.. Hate that! Once I forgot to check the poop bag holder on the leash and the dog did a HUGE poop next to a food cart. I realize half way through te poop I had no bags. So I had to ask the poor food cart owner for a bunch of napkins to pick it up. 🤢 Needless to say he was not a happy camper.

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    1. The power poop! Lol! Those are bad as well though. I remember once I had
      To CuT my baby out of her outfit as there was no way to get it off without getting poo everywhere. It was up her back, her belly, leaked etc etc…we were both in the bath after that.


  4. Do you know the Abba song Super Trouper? When our son was young my husband and I used to do a ‘poop’ version. It went like this: “Cause I’m a super pooper, I’m a super pooper, pooping every where . (then chorus sings: super poop, super poop)”

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  5. Babies and pets….they will mortify you every…..single…..time!! At least with children, there will come a time when you can turn the tables and embarrass the crap (pun intended) out of THEM!!

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  6. Well, at least she’s a pretty little poop machine 🤔
    Pro tip from the hillbilly! Sawdust. I don’t know how hard it is to find sawdust in Dubai but it’s made my life much simpler. Scout has a plastic tray full of sawdust that he goes to for potty. The sawdust will absorb 5 times it volume in liquid. It covers the smell very well and it’s easy to scoop.
    Believe it or not dogs don’t like to have their business out in open. Scout will actually hold it while we’re out ( unless he just can’t wait any longer) until we get home. Once she understands that this her spot that’s where she will want to go every time.

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    1. Oh wow that’s a good advice! Well she never actually (knock on wood) done her business inside more than a few times when she was sick. But maybe I should bring some sawdust for our walks 😉


  7. Nämen fina vovven då.
    Svar: Ja, skall bli grymt att åka till Dubai, häftigt att du bor där. Vad gör du där? Ja vi vet att det är varmt då, vi gillar värme och hoppas att det inte blir för olidligt.
    Men vi åker 8 juni och då är det Ramadan va? Hur funkar det?

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    1. Har bott i Mellan Östern i sju år. Jobbet tog mig hit.
      Ramadan är ganska stilla. Muslimer fastar under dagen oxh många matställen håller stängt tills solen går ner. Men på Hotellet mörker ni kanske inte det så mycket. Det är mer att ni planerar under dagen att tänka på att inte äta oxh dricka offentligt. Lite jobbigt i Juni när det är så varmt men det fixar sig.


  8. Great post! As a dog lover, I share your pain and embarassment. I also pick up after my dog. However, I think you gave raising babies short shrift. Although mine are all full grown now, I remember vividly that dealing with a baby meant, besides poop, dealing with all kinds of secretions from every orifice. Poop snooping is not even half the fun. Finally, thanks for stopping by my blog again and liking my post on funnies. God bless you for your perception!

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      1. I know the answer to that…towels. And there are some people who still do. Imagine throwing all that mess into your washing machine.


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