To Recycle or To Reconsider ?

A friend of mine kindly send me these pictures and now I can’t sleep. Which is good considering I’m going to work.

A Facebook group called “Recycle, Reuse, Restore” posted the brilliant idea of how to use old dolls as indoor plant accessory instead of throwing them away when your kids don’t want them anymore.

All I here is Sting “…every step you take, every breath you make, I’ll be watching you…”

56 Replies to “To Recycle or To Reconsider ?”

  1. OMG! I am speechless….
    No I’m not… who the dang had such a creepy idea to begin with?!?
    What next?? Disinfect old dildos, and use them to stir soup??
    People are crazy!


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  2. Well, I’m guessing you realise the Police song you quoted is about a stalker right? But they are great but creepy all at once……….and you dont want to scare your daughter when she may want those dolls again one day? Cheers,H

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  3. I think I’d just pass the dolls on to another child lol This is just too weird but it’s the different strokes in life that make the world an interesting place to life 🌍

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      1. No! that would be a very definite NO. To be honest a lot of dolls heads give me the creeps even when they are still on the dolls body.


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