How do you like your M&Ms?

The other morning my husband got out of bed and when he stood up I saw that he had an empty (unfortunately) bag of M&Ms stuck to his butt cheek. Can the day start any better than that? He never looked more beautiful.

It was quiet a sight seeing something semi hairy standing up and while walking away from the bed trying to make sense of what was making a strange noice while moving. He took a step, looked behind him, took another step, looked behind him on the other side. It was almost as entertaining as watching a dog chase it’s tail. You just sit there and enjoy being the smartest one in the room. For once.

Who ate the chocolate in bed and why the paper was on his side of the bed is not interesting. No need to be pointing fingers.

34 Replies to “How do you like your M&Ms?”

  1. Is there any chocolate squished on the bed? No? Good that means all those M&Ms went to the destiny they were made for. The wrapper however may not have expected to end up on a derriere. Thanks for an entertaining post!


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