28 Replies to “At my funeral”

  1. Why? Why do we do it? Thankfully, being one-handed now I don’t carry groceries at all. But I make sure my carer uses my market trolley so she doesn’t carry it either. Cheers,H


  2. Hahaha, Jag är precis likadan, bär så mycket jag kan istället för att gå en gång extra, vet inte varför jag gör så!😁😁😁


  3. Åh du måste ju skriva mer om din Dubai vardag i din blogg, hihi en önskan från moi!
    Svar: Men åh hihi förstår dig! Smakboxen är verkligen toppen! 8 juni drar vi till Dubai, kan ju alltid ta med mig ngt ifall du vill 😉 Vad jobbar du med där?
    Vad rekommenderar du att göra? Vi kommer att bo på Atlantis.


    1. Tack ! Fick precis ett lass med godis från en besökare. Ja, Jag får en del förfrågningar om att skriva mer om vardagen men jag har varit här så länge nu så allt för mig är ”normalt”+ jag är väl lite annorlunda i hur jag skriver och vad jag tycker är intressant men ska försöka. Jag jobbar med mega projekt inom bygg och logistik.
      Finns massor för er att göra men ni blir lite begränsade av värmen och Ramadan. Skidbacken i Mall of emirates, Dubai mall och fontänerna, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis egna vattenpark…finns massor!


    1. Naaah she is in a phase where she refuses to eat anything but banana and corn..nice mix. Everything else she just refuses to open her mouth for or throws on the floor…sigh


  4. Ok, I appologize in advance, this will be long. (and probably not worth flooding your comment stream, but hey, I like you, and you can’t make me go away… unless you get the police involved. Or threaten to tell Denmark. Or just threaten me in general. Or tell me to get the f*ck out of your blog. Ok, you could totally get rid of me, but I’m going to take a chance here… )

    So… I had to scroll back up, to remember what this post was about, hoping I would then remember what I want to add to it, and you know what? I do!

    Yay me! (that’s something I have learnt from life… You really should cherish every little victory – so let me pause for a second and perform a little victory dance… Ok, this was a bit awkward – yes, I am at the office!)

    What was this about, again? Oh yes… I have the memory span of a goldfish, sorry. An old one… I wonder what’s considered “old” for a goldfish. I had a goldfish once when I was a child.

    Stores like Zellers (Google it, I am not in the mood to explain… No, no, I’m doing fine… Noooo I am not in a bad mood, I just think you can Google “Zellers” by yourself. It will just be muuuuch faster than if I started rambling about what “Zellers” stores were and that weird restaurant they had in the back of every store, and the caramel popcorn scent that floated as soon as you passed the doors. Googled it? Good! See how much quicker that went?)…

    So, stores like Zellers, they had a pet department, where they only sold fish. I really think it should have been called the “fish” department, but I was very young back then, and didn’t have much leverage with the big Zellers bosses.

    Anyhow, they had fish, lots of them, but none of the really pretty ones. More like cheap pet fish that you could get for a buck or so. I say that, but it was back when the concept of money was still a little blurry. I think the fish were cheap. Everything WAS cheap at Zellers… It was kind of the store chain’s concept.

    The fish were cheap (let’s assume, ok? I’d call my mom to ask her, but I AM at work, remember?? Ok… I did call mom, and she confirmed, the fish were cheap!!) and not super pretty, but apparently, they screwed a lot, because every year, the store would bag tons of goldfish (not LITERALLY tons, bare with me) put them in one of these child pools and give them away at the store’s entry.

    Mom let me take one home once.

    A goldfish that is…

    What were we talking about??

    Too long to scroll back up. I AM AT WORK ANA!! Give me a break!



    1. Wow… you DO need a vacation. Even I had to scroll back up to see what the heck we are talking about here. Sooo… in relation to my post, I think your point is that you want a goldfish to sing at your funeral? Or is it just in general when you are overworked and overthink all in life that you start thinking about your childhood… Are you laying down? I’m putting on my glasses on and grabbing a note book. Would you say that A – You have a secret relationship with your neighbors neighbor (yourself) B – You are making fish for dinner C – You went to work in your pajama. If you choose C, it’s ok if you are Chinese as I’ve heard they wear they pajama during the day if they are going out shopping or whatever, to show that they can afford one.

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      1. That’s a lot of questions… and I doubt your blog can handle all my answers. So let’s just stick to the pajama matter!

        I can, indeed afford pajamas… I love pajamas, and I even have one that has “hygge” writen on the matching shirt! I didn’t have to pay for that one, though, because it was a gift. From my mother in law. She paid for it… I think. Now you got me wondering… What if…? She wouldn’t… OMG, I might be wearing stolen pjs!!

        Well, not right now, though. I’m currently wearing jeans. But I “could” be wearing my pajamas (hygge or other) especially since I started working at 6h, meaning I was up around 5h (notice I said “up” and not “awake” – big difference) and could have forgotten to change into appropriate clothing.

        That happened to me once, though. I got to work and felt like something was wrong… I had forgotten to put on a bra!! And (of course) we had a meeting with the big boss that day, and I couldn’t go back home and arrange my “little” mishappening…. Awkward, to say the least…

        Ok, the phone is ringing now… Gotta do what I get paid for doing!

        My deepest appologies to your kind and eloquent readers!


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      2. I have a pair of pants that are so think in the material and silky smooth that when I wear them at work, sometimes I get scared and think I forgot to put pants on. Luckily I’m wrong every time. So far.


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