Living in the desert is greener than you think

When I mention that I live in the Middle East people tend to think that I live in a sandpit, in a desert. Which is not wrong. We are surrounded by sand and we get reminded if we just drive a few minutes out of the main cities. Once outside of Dubai the sand dunes starts growing and we can definitely see that we are in fact in the desert. We also get our fair share of sandstorms that makes us chew sand for days.

But there is another side to the Middle East that a lot of people haven’t discovered yet and it’s the amazing cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai in United Arab Emirates, Doha in Qatar, Muscat in Oman and Manama in Bahrain. Yes, a LOT of effort and water have to be managed in order to keep these cities green. Sustainable (and unsustainable) options are being looked in to to ensure they stay this way as well.

Below my dog is having a morning zen moment, enjoying the view and the quietness. Well, until another dog came that she tried to kill in order to protect her family.

She also has a love for jumping in to hedges and stay there.

Our area is surrounded by several man made lakes and greenery to make sure that we think we don’t live in the desert. It works pretty well up until this time of year when the heat are coming and it’s getting tough to be outside. Mornings and evenings are still nice. 7 am is about 26 degrees (80 Fahrenheit). Deodorant is turning in to an item that goes with you and on you everywhere. We sweat more than sauna lovers. At least that’s something that makes me feel right at home, as a Scandinavian.

32 Replies to “Living in the desert is greener than you think”

    1. It’s very common with fake grass here as water is super expensive during the summer considering the amounts we need to keep something green.. maybe just plan a little golf course in your yard and you’ll be alright 😉

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  1. Åh häftigt att läsa, en annan som inte är van vid öken vill bara se det typ, haha. Ge oss lite tips på vad vi inte får missa i Dubai.

    Hihi tack för att du skriver det, obeskrivlig fobi. Tror mig se skuggor överallt i vattnet,haha. Skall bli helt underbart att få åka till Dubai, första gången för oss. Likadant en upplevelse att bada i havet som inte ens lär svalka då, hehe. Men,men vi får anpassa oss där det finns AC. Vi har några saker vi vill göra. Atlantis skall ju vara amazing också. 19 dgr kvar nu! Vad gör du i Dubai förresten?


    1. Jag skrev några saker i min förra kommentar som kanske är intressanta. Hur länge stannar ni? Jag jobbar med mega projekt inom logistik och construction.
      Havet ör inte så svalkande men du behöver inte oroa dig för hajar. Dom gillar kallt vatten 🙂


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