Please hold my bra while I get on with my evening

After dinner my husband was on his way upstairs to put out little daughter to bed. I suddenly had an urge…

ME: Oh wait! Can you please bring my bra upstairs!

I take it off and throw it at him.


HUSBAND: Great, thanks?

ME: Nice catch. Why so shocked?

HUSBAND: No, nothing. Nothing surprises me.

ME: You should just be happy it wasn’t a tampon.

HUSBAND: As I said, nothing would surprise me.

Good thing I’m cute.

43 Replies to “Please hold my bra while I get on with my evening”

      1. My ideal household is a cat, a dog and a husband! Not necessarily in that I saw when I meet lesbians who look a little hopeful……….(does that make me mean? Cheers,H


  1. HA! HA! If I did something like that I would have risked never seeing my bra again. He probably would have hid it or thrown it away. He is always telling me “let your girls go free”.


  2. Hahaha underbart!!!! Ah så du är gift med någon som är från Dubai med andra ord? Hur träffades ni?
    Svar: Hihi, ja jag har nog alltid något på gång ständigt. Gud vad kan det ha varit 12 grader, men på andra ställen runt om västkusten så är det 18 grader. Åh hihi som jag kommer att bada i Dubai…om jag vågar 😉


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