Don’t bend over to read the sign

It’s been a long week at work and luckily it’s Thursday today which means last working day before the weekend. Yeay! Here in the The Middle East our weekends are Friday and Saturday and the week starts again on Sundays. I know, confusing. Took me years to get my head around it and for my body to understand why the hell I went to the office on a Sunday.

Im working on mega construction projects. In Dubai nothing is done small. Before the actual construction stage there is a lot of reviews of documents and designs. One thing I do enjoy are planning signage on new roads but it’s tricky. It needs to be simple yet straight to the point.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Kansas City. Signage can be hurtful. And I’m wondering if they learnt from their mistakes the hard way… (people in Kansas are walking weirdly this week…)

Somehow I want to send this to our chief designers to get the point through. Reviews are important. On the other hand our compliance team wouldn’t agree with me.

As usual.

49 Replies to “Don’t bend over to read the sign”

      1. Ok… at work (as usual) alone (thank God) and I just read your comment, and for some reason, found it OVER funny (I mean, it is very funny, but not quite as funny as my tired brain interpreted it…) and now I am trying to catch my breath, panting, hoping the dang phone won’t ring, and that the cleaning lady won’t show up, and looking for some kleenex or something to wipe my eyes…

        Thank you! 🙂 xx


  1. OMG that is embarrassing! Last night we went to a restaurant that had the opening times on the door. One day of the week was listed as:”saterday” Hmmm…. what do they serve then I wonder.

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    1. LOOOOOOOL Thanks for the good laugh, Anne!!

      Reminds me of a sign I have a picture of, I have to find it, which gave the opening hours for a bar (I think) in both French and English (you know… Québec) but the funny thing was that in French one of the days said closed, and it was open in English… LOL

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  2. Kommer faktiskt ihåg att du skrev om det där med weekend som inte är som den ska, i alla fall för oss utlänningar. Tänk vad annorlunda mycket är.
    Weekend eller inte, ha det bra!


    1. Det var otroligt irriterande och förvirrande i början men har vant mig nu. Kommer bli konstigt att vänja om sig när man flyttar hem igen.. Ha en bra helg du med!


  3. Vad jobbar du med? Så nyfiken ju!
    Svar: Men åh så himla tacksam för dina tips! Vi har halvpension på Atlantis då ingår akvariet och alla aktiviteter där, så det blir toppen! Det gamla Dubai och soukerna och The Frame mm är ett måste! Frågan är om vi skall skippa ökensafarin?
    Yes jisses finns ju så otroligt många bra restauranger där vi bor! Galet!Åh snart är det dags!


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