When your husband is your wife

When your hair is straighter than your carpet on the floor, you get super excited to see some kind of volume. This might have been after a wedding party hair do but it counts. Until you take a shower and you turn in to your normal self.

We were at a wedding in Sweden two weeks ago. I paid a small fortune to get my hair looking like a cinnamon bun kind of way on my head. A small bird family would be able to live in there for at least a week. Or so I thought. I guess the hairdresser didn’t include hairspray in their price and half of it fell down after an hour. That’s when you are happy you have a husband that might be suspiciously feminine and don’t mind getting his (well hidden) hairdresser skills going and put it up again. Don’t know how. Don’t care. It lasted all night and I didn’t have to pay him.

24 Replies to “When your husband is your wife”

    1. You are right! He does it very well but he doesn’t really have the skills to figure it out from the beginning but…he could be trained 😉


  1. Good on him. Sometimes my other half asks me stuff about hair which is nice, but I really don’t have a clue.


      1. Yeah, but it involved pushing & pulling and it didn’t make it any better. Worse, even.


  2. Bra hjälpreda!
    Det där med hår är något många har problem med. Mitt är att det är för stort och kan se risigt ut ibland. Lite beroende på hur vädret är när jag tvättar det. Hårtork gör det bara värre. Men ska inte klaga, har tjockt hår med självfall och går till frissan ca vart 25:te år, billig i drift!


  3. I know exactly how you feel with straight hair!! Only a perm would add any kind of volume and I won’t subject my hair to that kind of toxic torture anymore lol But wow!! What a guy!! He even doesn’t care if you throw your bra at him lol A good man is hard to find and you’ve got a keeper😊


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