Me and my birthday suit

When I moved to the Middle East a few years ago I wasn’t used to skyscrapers and living on the higher floors. In my small town in Sweden the building usually don’t get any higher than 15 floors.

My first apartment in Doha, Qatar was on the 24th floor and had big windows from the floor to the roof. I had just gone through a long Swedish winter and was getting all the chances I could to see the sun and therefore the curtains were always wide open because… why not. Nobody could see me. Right?

One day I came straight out of the shower, doing a little bit of the “air drying” without towel and to my great surprice there were two men hanging outside my window! I made a graciouse jump behind the bed and laid there butt naked on my stomach and tried to figure out why people would be outside my window a kazillion meters up in the air (rough estimation). Once I got my blond head around that they were cleaning my windows, I was wrapped in the sheet that I pulled down from the bed and stood up like a newly showered Greek person from ancient times. No more sun through the windows.

I can only imagine what kind of things these guys must see on daily basis.

I guess people like me are the reason information like this exists in hotel rooms.

24 Replies to “Me and my birthday suit”

      1. I bet there’s a window cleaner blog out there full of stories 😂
        I can just imagine what they’d see 😉


    1. Thanks for missing me! I guess busy with traveling and work and forgot I had a blog 😉 Nudie runs are liberating but not with window cleaners ..


  1. When I got my condo in Chicago (42nd floor) I didn’t have any blinds or window coverings for 6 months! It was winter and I figured I was saving on the heating bill. I didn’t parade through the condo deliberately…but didn’t hide if I needed to take care of anything either. I always wondered how many people ever saw me. A friend’s husband works on the cranes for construction of high-rises, says they see EVERYTHING!


  2. I was a janitor at Walmart when my wife and I were first married. More than once I’ve knocked on the door of the ladies room and announced that I was coming in to clean and heard panicked voices on the other side of the door. But some people don’t answer and are then shocked when you fully open the door.
    Go figure.


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