You are going to miss me when I’m gone

Would you? Did you?

Wow, where did the summer go and how come I forgot I had a blog? So many questions, so few answers. Actually, I have answers. I lost a few brain cells in the process of creating a human being and sleeping. Or as I like to say it, my husband knock me up again. How cool is that!

One good thing about being preggo again is the fact that I need to get fat. I have to eat. The first three months of pregnancy were no good ones so I lost some weight and we all know what that means. More chocolate for me.

Second good thing with pregnancy is that it’s ok to wear tights. I love them. They are so ugly but oh, so comfy. If you are a man and reading this, please do yourself a favor and start wearing women clothing.

I’m wearing these to work tomorrow. Does that mean I get a higher salary?

41 Replies to “You are going to miss me when I’m gone”

  1. You are too funny. Those leggings will earn you double what you’re making now. I’m so happy for you with being knocked up again and go enjoy all the chocolate! (I just so happen to be baking a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting right now. I’ll save you a virtual slice!)


  2. Congratulations on the pregnancy. I did miss you blogging. It’s good to have you back here. I hope your pregnancy goes well and your health is optimal.


  3. Never leave me again! I’ve missed your great short but sweet posts with…………WHAT!,? Those are hideous! But totally get it. Will you share a pic with your prego-belly? Please? Please? Pretty please? Good times! Congrats by the ways. Cheers,H


  4. I did notice you were gone and wondered what was up with that!? But all is forgiven. you were busy gettin’ busy and eating chocolate. Basically, livin’ the dream. And do you really own those leggings? omg, if so. Like, wow!


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