I think the eggs are done

Almost 14 hours ago, I put on the timer on my phone to keep track while boiling my eggs to the perfect level of eggness (new words I need to put in the English dictionary).

How long do you boil yours for a perfect meal? I normally don’t do 14 hours but when I do, someone mysteriously takes them off the stove and ensured we still have a home.

22 Replies to “I think the eggs are done”

  1. I once came back to the eggs and found that the water had completely boiled out of the pan. It took a while to figure out what had happened. I wondered if I had forgotten to put water in the pan to begin with. It was not a good moment for me. Eggs were fine, however.

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  2. Thanks for the laughs. I could have done the same thing, but so far I just managed to forget eggs for a couple of minutes over the usual 10 that I boil my eggs.


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