27 Replies to “I can’t wait ..”

  1. Det brukar vara lättare med barn nummer två – man är redan inne i rutinerna och vet lite mer hur man ska göra … hur det är med fler barn kan jag inte yttra mig om, då jag bara har två. 🙂


  2. Having raised 4 I wish I could assure you that it would always be a blast, easy and refreshing. Not so – too many factors come into play. I can say that you will find strength you didn’t know you had and no matter how many you have you will have enough love to go around. Treasure all the moments – good and bad as you will miss them when they are gone. Blessings to you and your family

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  3. I feel so ripped off right now as I am a single barren spinster and I do not look as good as exhibit A! And you have some time yet before you know if Exhibit C is accurate for you. I look forward to seeing. Cheers,H


  4. I raised two and I am still alive to tell the tale. My daughter is now raising three ( two step daughters and one son of her own) She has my sympathy but she seems to be handling it well and keeping down a full time job. Supportive husband helps. You can do this Miss A.


  5. I like having 2 better than 1 but…my boys are best buddies. They’re just shy of 4 years apart in age. It’s much nicer for my oldest to have a built in playmate. Yes, the argue, etc., but they also have a blast together and keep me both entertained AND pulling my hair out. I usually feel like the mom from Malcom in the Middle. You’ll be great! You have a great sense of humor, which is a must. ❤️


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