My week put in to words

I wanted to share some interesting conversations I had this week. Please feel free to share yours in the comment section.

– saying “no, you can’t climb in the fridge” to my toddler about three times a day. I mean thirty.

– Our lifesaver and babysitter told me that her brother is now a sister and he is happy to take the unopened makeup I have.

– Discussion over the dinner table with my husband that shitting your pants is more common than one would think. I told that when you are pregnant a fart isn’t always a fart. He nodded and said, same when you are guy, but just always. I like that we can talk about everything.

I’ll finish off with some marriage advice from a younger generation:

14 Replies to “My week put in to words”

    1. Can’t believe we don’t talk more about poop.. or maybe I should just wait a few more months and hear what my daughter has to say about it…over and over again


  1. It’s ‘loaded?’ Or you ‘started?’ Those are the other names for it. I imagine your husband can always be reminded what a super human thing your body is doing creating another life. His part was easy. I’m a single barren spinster but I’m not bitter and if I’d met my soul-mate years ago and decided to have a baby I might not be here. Cheers,H


  2. I don’t know about this shitting yourself comment but I had a nasty case of runners’ bum once and had to have a poo behind the President’s House. When I told my husband he was revolted and he was like “Why didn’t you just hold it it?” I replied “I had two options: 1 poo behind a tree or 2 poo my pants. I went with the tree and to this day I stand by my decision! Also it was dark so no one saw!


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