My hair is full of snot

Don’t ever let your child go to nursery. Or school. Or leave the house. Lock them up and sanitize them. Create a basement and keep them there.

Sorry, no that’s illegal. Pretty sure some Austrians tried already.

Since our little daughter started nursery full time two months ago, we have been sick 5500 times. She is nice like that. She shares her germs. I think we should send our children to nursery and school with gas masks during flu season.

Also, the little one seems to never get it wrong with the weekend starting. “Oh, weekend?” *starts coughing*. This week I haven’t seen the day light since I came home from work Thursday afternoon (our weekends are Friday – Saturday). But I’m sure she will be well again once next weekend ends.

Can anyone tell me what the sun looks like?

And of course, she just has to to lick my face – aka kisses – more when she is sick. Of course I can’t stop kissing her chubby, sick cheeks but I might as well just have her sneeze in my mouth. Which I’m pretty sure she has done a few times… So she gets sick and then I get sick. I get no medication as I’m growing a human being inside of me. But what goes wrong here? Can we at least be tired and sick at the same time? Can I drug my child when I’m sick so I can rest?

23 Replies to “My hair is full of snot”

    1. Vitamin C – they have started their own “good” rumor. Turns out they are fake. Oranges doesn’t exist. They are just disguised apples
      Essential oils – slippery and gets me pregnant
      Santitizer – I’m probably immune
      Thanks though. Appreciate your help mama . I’ve heard chocolate cake might be a winner.

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      1. Ooh, you’re not going to like this then: sugar weakens your immune system. I’ve heard this from a couple of people but didn’t quite believe it until I started to pay attention to my own body. It’s sadly true, and ice cream is the absolute worst! Feel so horrible the next morning. :/


  1. Ugh! It will get better!! My dudes are down to a once a year sick kind of thing, which is actually…now… they like to combine snotty phlegm noses and lungs with pink eye. Little ones DO NOT allow eye drops to happen easily…I feel like I’m abusing my screaming and fighting 3 year old as I try every way I can think of to administer the drops and STOP the disease spreading!!! 😂Actually, it’s twice a year…they also catch a weird stomach bug that floats around seasonally as well. 🤢

    I feel your pain!! Hang in there!! That snot in your hair is like Mommy military service stripes. 😂


  2. Oh that sounds like the worst!! I’m feeling dread just thinking about it. My guy always goes a bit mad on Sunday nights and won’t sleep. I think we just give off Sunday night vibes or something.


  3. You are totally selling me on the single barren Spinsterhood that is my reality. (Note, not bitter). Maybe you should talk to someone where you send her? They should instate a sick-kids stay home policy! I know, I know.not all parents can stay home, etc. etc. it you are growing a baby! Cheers,H


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