Two thousand nineteen

2019 huh… it’s a new year people and what have you done with your lives so far?

Ah, don’t worry, as long as you had too much food and took some extra naps over Christmas, you are ok. If you didn’t celebrate Christmas, above goes for you anyway. Celebrating holidays are the best even If you are not really “celebrating” or belong to a specific belief. That’s what I love about Dubai. We just go all in for all religions.. we celebrate Eid, Diwali, Christmas, any excuse to have some extra food or a day of fun. 

I have had some days off to hang out with relatives and to eat. I look like a medicine ball now. The baby is really growing fast and I’m constantly bumping in to things as I’m underestimating my size.

Last ultra scan was fun. We have a doctor that does 4D so you get these freaky pictures of your child which is sometimes cute and sometimes .. rather interesting. Like last time. The little one refused to show his face. He put his hands up and turned around but what he did do though was spreading his legs and showing off that he really is a boy. Of course that made daddy proud and he yelled out THAT’S MY SON.

I had to apologize to the doctor, for finding my man in a cave and that I was hoping that he would grow up in a year or so.

Tell me how you all been doing and do you have any new years resolutions?


How I greet people nowadays.

17 Replies to “Two thousand nineteen”

  1. Where have you been? I’ve missed you! I made a resolution to finish the bottle of baileys in the bottom of the fridge. It’s been there for 3 christmasses now. It’s getting beyond a joke! I barely drink but I think a few once a month and I’ll be wanting to get some more. Congrats to your hubby on his SON! Cheers,H


    1. Thank you dear! I have been on the couch eating chocolate getting fat…while my relatives have been chasing my little daughter. Hope your Christmas was ok as well ! Baileys! I love it.


  2. I have missed reading you miss A, I have also missed writing.
    Hollydays were basically overeating and sleeping for me this year so check and check!
    New year resolutions, write more, meditation and hopefully some yoga and getting my priorities straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Amount of exclamation mark should tell you of my determination..hmm!!!)


  3. Great to read things are progressing nicely with your new son, clearly he is a show-off 😂
    I have been eating so much food since new year’s eve. I’ve consumed three seafood platters plus a big fish meal yesterday. It’s been good. My belly is probably on a par with yours at the moment.


  4. Congrats on the boy! My little man was also not shy in showing off his maleness. When I was preggo with my first, a coworker was almost as far along as I was. We once had the misfortune of trying to go through a doorway at the same time, to the great entertainment of onlookers.


    1. Lol, BUMPing in to each other.. My husband parked the car next to a pole and I couldn’t get out of the car. It was kind of a lot of room left so felt like a total hippo..


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