31 Replies to “Can I snort lavender?”

      1. Do you think there is a possibility to discuss postponing your delivery date with Baby A? Maybe your offspring is more flexible than your husband? 😛


      2. We are having these discussions daily. I keep on telling him it’s still winter and cold (he doesn’t know we live in Dubai and it’s never cold…)


  1. My husband went to the other side of the country( Canada) two days after our first child was born. For work he didn’t have a choice. My son and I survived quite well but I am glad he was there for the birth. I hope your husband will be for yours . Have a quick labor and a healthy baby! Best wishes to you.


      1. Worth it in the end, as it’s coming from your end. 😉
        Fun when it’s over, maybe. When I had to deliver one of mine with no drugs, when it was over was the best feeling ever! Such sweet relief! Sending you best wishes that it all goes well!

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