I ate it all

So here I am sitting and eating peanut butter and Nutella straight from the jar. Using the same spoon like a proper rebel. People tend to ask if there is anything I will be missing about being pregnant. Yes! I will miss being an absolute pig and getting away with it.

Does this mean I don’t do these things without a baby in my belly…no, not really but probably less. A lot less actually. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here. Nowadays I’m searching the fridge and the pantries like a sniffer dog. I know what’s there as I’ve just looked around a few minutes ago but still..I can’t stop.

I eat chocolate cake with both hands, shuffling it in to my mouth like there is no tomorrow.

I will also miss putting everything on my belly and calling it party trick. I do this every day and send my husband a picture like it’s the most amazing thing that ever happened. But I can’t get over having a picnic table with me wherever I go.

Little baby can come now. I ripped all my pants and I have nothing more to wear. I’m expanding and my closet is not.

19 Replies to “I ate it all”

  1. I love using a long handled spoon and taking a scoop of crunchy peanut paste and plunging it into a jar of Nutella and then licking that thing like an ice block.


  2. Can you believe I’m living in Italy and don’t like Nutella? The locals gasp with astonishment when I decline anything that contains Nutella.

    We used to have it in Australia as children and I wasn’t a big fan then as found it too sweet. These days, the taste has totally changed and I believe it’s because it’s made with Palm Oil. Check ingredients of almost everything and you’ll see Palm Oil somewhere – even good chocolate!


    1. Yes, unfortunately the palm oil makes me not wanting to buy it. I said to myself once the baby is out, no more Nutella. There are a million other brands that I’m sure don’t contain palm oil (or so I hope). Good for you not liking it!

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