A hole in my tyre and in my wallet

I have a slow puncher on my car. Apparently it doesn’t mean that I have a professional boxer slightly on the lazy side hidden in my trunk. I wish. It would have been more fun than changing a leaking tyre.

For you who have been to Dubai or heard about the place, you will know that cars are a big business here. Expensive cars. Fast cars. Super cars. My car is none of that. I have a soccer mum car which is wrong in so many ways. Not the car. But soccer. Everyone knows it’s called football.

Anyway it’s necessary with this kind of information that you see below. Just so you as a parent know that when you get your child it’s first Lamborghini or Rolls Royce, don’t go all crazy (again) and change stuff that makes it go even faster or lower or jumping higher or whatever is cool.

This town is full of super cars which are entertaining to look at. When I see cars with doors that open upwards all I think about is how you would get out if the car flips upside down. Is that a mummy thing? Or am I just always thinking worse case scenario..

Doubt that will ever be a problem of mine. My son would be lucky if he ends up with an upgrade of a Superman floor mat… To his room.

12 Replies to “A hole in my tyre and in my wallet”

      1. Oh, there’s a good proportion of Australia on your side, but for most of us we either love rugby league or aussie rules and we colloquially call that footy. It’s confusing to call soccer footy, when I’m referring to rugby league.

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    1. Oooh Koenigsegg are actually orettt cool.. Iโ€™ll admit. All other cars Iโ€™m prettt unimpressed by..but this ones are made in Angelholm, or was originally, which is very close to where Iโ€™m from in Sweden

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      1. I think he loves the Swedish component too. ๐Ÿ˜Š He knows my great grandma came here from Sweden, which makes it not only a super cool car, but he knows some of his ancestry is from there. โค๏ธ


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