Sit still and smile for the camera

There are several photographers out there that are focusing on family photos.

“Great memory guaranteed”..

“Capture the moment”

I say it sounds very good. I would also say it doesn’t necessarily look that way.

But who am I to judge. Maybe other people have kids that sits still and smiles.

17 Replies to “Sit still and smile for the camera”

  1. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post – Ticket to Ride. I am enjoying my visit to yours. Maybe I was lucky, but my kids pretty much sat still for pics.


  2. Haha … så är det – de är aldrig stilla – och de ler inte alltid när man vill heller 🙂
    Härlig bild – och bakgrunden känns bekant – jag är ju nästan lika gammal som Fred … eller t.o.m. äldre 🙂


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