My brain and body are not on speaking terms

Its the small things that does it..

Like during this week I was so amazed that my nail polish lasted forever and ever. No, there might not be so much excitement going on right now so maybe I’m a little bit easy to entertain..

Anyway, my nail polish was kind of chipping off but I couldn’t remove it. I even tried with nail polish remover and I was amazed! It didn’t even start to become soft. Omg! I had a normal manicure but I paid for a normal one and it lasted kind of like a shellac. Amazeballs! Then I realized I tried to remove my nail polish with makeup remover.

Good news was that it was actually a whole lot better than the three times (yes, I’m a slow learner apparently) I did the other way around, I tried to remove my makeup with the nail polish remover.

Yes, it stings.

A lot.

Oh brain, where are thou.

14 Replies to “My brain and body are not on speaking terms”

  1. Again. Never happier being a single barren spinster? A friend had her baby earlier this year. She stated, “I just didn’t know how much my hole would hurt!” As I clench closed My thighs. Cringe! Your welcome! Cheers,H


      1. Haha! Dang! Just say, “No, sweetie, you’re mistaken. That was the baby’s bum.” See if you can get away with that. 😉
        BTW, are you familiar with Fredrik Backman? I believe he’s from your homeland. Reading one of his books now. Quite good.


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