Mumz thug life

What happened? Is it Christmas yet?

Time sure flies when you have zero time for yourself. That’s not true though. I am just trying to sound like a martyr. I had a week with friends from Sweden when I ran away from husbands and kids and went wild and drank and fought and destroyed places. As you do.

Or maybe we just laid on our sun loungers in front of a massive pool and enjoyed not having to chase anyone around.

Here is a picture from Halloween. Ok, it’s the day after when I was hiding in the bathroom to eat all the candy my child had managed to collect. Think about all those chocking hazards! Better I eat it all. I have fat reserves to maintain for the winter.

8 Replies to “Mumz thug life”

  1. Man, I was so inspired by the leaving husbands and kids, drinking, destroying, fighting, I was like YES! Let’s DO this thang! But then it was all a lie and the dream has been CRUSHED! You dream-crusher, you.
    But what a lovely bathroom. 🙂


  2. Ja, det är bråda tider när man är småbarnsmamma, men snart ska du se att de där små söta skorna som står i hallen har förvandlats till skepp i storlek 40 plus. Njut av dina små!


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