Zero difference

After a few months of giving birth I thought I needed to do something about the fact that my body contained of zero percent muscles and 100 % coffee and a whole lot of cookies. I went to a personal trainer that specialized in post pregnancies and yummy mama bodies. She started measuring my thighs and abs and she also checked my belly. After the examination she informed me that she had good and bad news. Bad news: there was no difference in my muscles when they were relaxed versus flexed. Good news: there is a huge gap in my belly muscles, also known as diastatis recti. She looked at me and smile. That means that you at least have core muscles!                                                                             Ok, awesome, I thought to myself. I really have no muscles and the ones I got have a huge gap in the middle. Oh, the joy of being a woman!

I trained with her for about five times before she went on vacation. She took a short break of 2,5 month and I haven’t seen her for just as long. I promised to keep on going to the gym while she was away. That was a lie. Well, I did buy a gym card. Easiest money that gym ever made. They have seen me twice in four months.



She is back next week and in a weak moment I signed up for an eight week program. This means training three times a week for eight, freaking weeks. I will hate myself so much for this. But after 24 sessions I will be doing push ups like a rock star, all of them. Perhaps also the 26 pairs of tiny trousers that I have in my closet will fit.

Until then, where are the chocolate chip cookies i bought yesterday. There is no way I ate all 18.

I totally ate all 18.

Little puppy eats purée 

I guess we are a family that have problems with distinguishing the main differences between pets and babies. As I previously wrote this week we mixed up their vaccination cards. I think that might have been the start to the identity crise of our baby who is now eating like the dog. 

Lick up those carrots like there is no tomorrow. In a few months you will be able to chase your own tail. 

Did your baby get the rabies vaccine?

So we went to the doctor for my little daughters vaccination. My husband packed the bag, the child and half the house as one does when taking a small child out of the home. She always hated going in the car. Why does everyone’s children seem to fall asleep in the car except for mine? I keep saying to myself its because she is the cutest one in the whole world. Like all parents think. Specially during poop explosions or 4 am wake ups.

When we arrived to the clinic I took the vaccination book and headed over to the reception desk to sign us in. I opened the book to discover that she was already vaccinated. To my surprise she received shots against rabies, kennel cough and some other strange worms. And she also has a chip in her ear with the number 6341. How convenient if she runs away.


Ok, wrong book but he got the vaccination part correct. Fur child or non-fur child is a thin line.

Does this make me Chinese?

If you are one of the lucky ones that either have a baby or owns a rooster, you are blessed with the 5 am wake up calls. I remember the days when I used the snooze button. Actually, no I dont. Today the weather was cool enough for a morning stroll. I packed up baby and dog and went for a walk in flipflops and my pajamas. There are so many nationalities in my neighborhood. One mans pajama, another ones outfit of the day.

I read somewhere that in China people go out in their pajamas to show it off. The motto is if you are rich enough to own a pajamas you better show it off. This was something of a problem during the Olympics in Beijing 2008 where the committee urged the Chinese people to stop running around in their sleeping outfits as it made the nation look slightly…sleepy(?)




Summer in the city

I used to blog but who cares right. That was a while ago but I kept it going for several years just to all of sudden one day… stop. It wasn’t fun anymore and I discovered something, oh yeah – I was pregnant! So I did that instead. I mean I did pregnant stuff like sleeping and eating.

Im living in the part of the world were the temperature currently is in the middle of deodorant-between-your-boobs and I-dont-need-a-facial-my-pores-are-always-open. Life is something between Mazerati-Ferrari and modern day slavery. We have 200 something nationalities and the local inhabitants are only 10% of the total amount of people here.

Welcome to the desert!