Sleeping beauty

People in the Middle East seem to be fond of sleeping a little bit everywhere. And don’t give me wrong, I’m all pro napping. If I could take a power nap daily I would. Just go and hide somewhere and snooze. When I was pregnant I had some days during work that was tough. I couldn’t keep my eyes open so during lunch hour I took my four wheel drive, drove out to the desert (my work was not far from it) and had a 15 minutes sleep in my car. Afterwards I came back with a nice red mark on my face from the seat belt and drewl on my blouse. I’m a sexy sleeper.

The difference between me and the random sleepers that I bump in to every now and then is that they don’t hide. They just suddenly decided to sleep. So they just lay down. Like this guy, that I almost ran over. He woke up when I started taking stuff out of the trunk of my car. I was trying to be quiet but he was kind of…right in the way. I apologized for waking him from his beauty sleep and he said “No worries, mam” and fell back asleep. How nice is that? Even polite when he sleeps. If my husband wakes me by accident I swear loudly, throw pillows and plan to slash his tires once I’m up. But that’s just me being slightly emotional waking up.

Happy Birthday UAE!

Isn’t it awesome when you arrive at work and the first thing that you meet is a horse. I wish that happened every day. I would love to have a little pony next to my desk and just have a conversation with him now and then. Give him a carrot or just braid his tail.

Today was UAE National day celebration. Well it’s actually tomorrow officially but that’s a day off. We all dressed up in National outfits and did everything except for working. Best day ever!

I had a hard time navigating myself with my abaya. I got stuck in doors, stepped on in, rolled my chair over it and couldn’t stand up, discovered why women take them off before going to the toilet. Learnt a lot today.. Tomorrow this young nation turns 46 years old. The stuff this country has gone through in just such a short time is unbelievable. Twenty years ago this was pretty much just sand. And today… it’s just wow! If you haven’t been to Dubai, come and visit. I promise to meet you with a horse. Or camel.

Give a thank

Today is apparently Thanksgiving in America so enjoy, dear americano amigos. I added a latino touch to that to emphasize. Not sure what exactly. Thanksgiving is nothing we celebrate in Sweden. We actually aren’t that big on turkey either, which means the holiday would be impossible, I assume. Here in Dubai I’m working with a lot of Americans and they made sure nobody misses the event. At work yesterday we discussed what we are grateful about. Since I’m not back home in Sweden and taking important things for granted, I’m obvious grateful for the full jar of lingonberries that I have in the fridge (the red stuff we eat with meatballs), that nobody got in to the elevator after that extremely, horrible fart that might have killed someone (am I allergic to tomatoes?) and that my husband still believes that “Pappa är bajs” means “daddy is your best friend” in Swedish (until he reads this). It means that he is poop but it makes for a fun conversation once my daughter starts talking.

I was also taught how to draw a turkey with my hand. Yes, it sounds like I work in a kindergarten.. this is actually my colleagues drawing. I can’t show you mine as it will be worth a lot of money in a few years.

Or maybe it’s in the trash.

Hejhej goes guest blogging

So this cool guy Mohamad Karbi asked me to write a little bit about Sweden on his blog. Home sweet home that I miss dearly (no, Dubai isn’t too shabby).

What I wrote? Don’t be lazy, click on the link. I kind of explained how Sweden represents peace, stability and rotten fish. Oh and snow. And I didn’t swear once.

I’m pretty much a diplomat now.

Read it here: Hej Hej Sverige

Flower power daddy

The other day was Fathers Day in Sweden. It feels like it’s a “parents day” every other day as an expat. We have the UAE one, there’s a UK one, Swedish one and an American one and I’m sure a million others. Anyone with a flower shop in Dubai is making loads of money considering we are about 200 different nationalities here.

My dad is in the middle of fixing the kitchen in his house back home in Sweden and I thought a big bouquet of flowers would make a nice change to the messy place. I clicked on the “large” size as I ordered them online and I guess they kept their promise. He was complaining he can’t see out of the window.

Wanna play?

What are the rules for which toys are suitable for babies? As long as she doesn’t choke on it I’m pretty sure it’s a good idea to let my imagination go wild. I’m bored of the normal toys. Yes me…not her but I feel that I’m playing with them as much as she is. I have a saying right.

Lately I just put her in to things and pull her around the house or keep her as an accessory in the garden. The other day we pulled out all the kitchen supplies and I’m not sure if the neighbors down in Saudi Arabia heard us but she is not getting a drum set for any of her birthdays. The risk of deportation is just too high.

Mini cocks on sale

These where found in one of the shops by a friend of mine. We are still puzzled and not exactly sure what they are but I’ll get some next time. It’s best quality and all.

Anti-bucket list

All I read about is what people want to do i their life, their goals and dreams. That’s great. Positive and fun. But what I really want to know is what you DONT want to do (again). 

I don’t really regret things. It’s what we do in life that takes us forward. Or backwards. For good or bad. Below is my anti-bucket list. This is what I won’t do again:

  • Tequila race 
  • Eat a big kebab before going on a spinning roller coaster
  • Rescue two cats with diarrhea 
  • Lick an electric fence (yeah, I KNOW! But it was a bet. I won)
  • Ride a motorcycle in shorts
  • Yawn while being on that damn motorcycle (and with a burnt leg). Damn those flies. 

Tell me yours!