Let’s go shopping! Don’t forget to warm up.

It’s too freakin’ warm outside to do anything right now in Dubai. Even the camels look a little bit bored of the whole summer situation. Enough now! Or as we say in the Arab countries: Khalas! Pronounced right from the bottom of your throat like you are on your way to spit something up. Dutch people must be awesome at Arabic. No I don’t speak Arabic. Just the main swear words and some other useless sentences.

They say (the people that knows things, whoever that is…God?) that the temperature will soon drop under 40 degrees Celsius during the day. That’s around 104 Fahrenheit degree.Now doesn’t that sound like winter..

This is my climbing like a pro. All summer entrainment can be found inside any of the huge Dubai malls. All I’m thinking is don’t – look – down. So what am I doing? Looking down of course. 

You don’t need to activate your self very much in one of the big malls to feel that you have done your daily exercise. You just need to look at a map and decide to go to the store furthest away from where you are at the moment. Half an hour and five kilometers later you will reach your destination. 

Don’t forget to stretch.

Does this make me Chinese?

If you are one of the lucky ones that either have a baby or owns a rooster, you are blessed with the 5 am wake up calls. I remember the days when I used the snooze button. Actually, no I dont. Today the weather was cool enough for a morning stroll. I packed up baby and dog and went for a walk in flipflops and my pajamas. There are so many nationalities in my neighborhood. One mans pajama, another ones outfit of the day.

I read somewhere that in China people go out in their pajamas to show it off. The motto is if you are rich enough to own a pajamas you better show it off. This was something of a problem during the Olympics in Beijing 2008 where the committee urged the Chinese people to stop running around in their sleeping outfits as it made the nation look slightly…sleepy(?)




Summer in the city

I used to blog but who cares right. That was a while ago but I kept it going for several years just to all of sudden one day… stop. It wasn’t fun anymore and I discovered something, oh yeah – I was pregnant! So I did that instead. I mean I did pregnant stuff like sleeping and eating.

Im living in the part of the world were the temperature currently is in the middle of deodorant-between-your-boobs and I-dont-need-a-facial-my-pores-are-always-open. Life is something between Mazerati-Ferrari and modern day slavery. We have 200 something nationalities and the local inhabitants are only 10% of the total amount of people here.

Welcome to the desert!